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TMJ Treatment in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL: Relief from Headaches, Clenching, and Grinding

Do you notice jaw pain, tension, and headaches when you wake up in the morning? Then you might need TMJ/TMD treatment to alleviate the stress in your temporomandibular joint. The jaw muscles can tighten up, especially when you are sleeping. This results in various TMJ symptoms that can affect many areas of your life.

Nearby at Sauganash Smiles, we have years of experience with TMJ treatments. One of the simplest solutions is to fit you with a custom-designed night guard. Wearing this guard while sleeping is a great way to relax the jaw and minimize associated symptoms.

TMJ Treatment in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL

What Is TMJ?

The acronym “TMJ” stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the place where the skull and jawbone connect. It’s common for patients to experience a disorder in this joint, often due to an injury, stress, or damage to the joint.

TMJ/ Temporomandibular joint disorders symptoms vary from one person to the next but often include the following:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Headaches
  • Teeth clenching
  • Ears popping
  • Ear pain
  • Pain near the temples
  • Jaw pain
  • Locked jaw
  •  Sore or stiff jaw muscles
  • Jaw clicking

Some patients only experience one or two of the TMJ symptoms on this list, while other patients experience multiple symptoms throughout the day. It’s also important to note that TMJ symptoms can be persistent. Or, you might notice the symptoms coming and going.

Benefits of Botox for TMJ/TMD

Botox for TMJ/TMD is an alternative to wearing a night guard. With this treatment, the Botox injections relax the muscles to help alleviate symptoms associated with TMJ.

Many patients using Botox for TMJ find that they have a significant decrease in pain and also improvements in their jaw mobility. The results from this treatment usually last for about 3 months until another injection is needed.

What Is the Best TMJ Treatment for Your Needs?

Near you, at Sauganash Smiles, we offer personalized treatment plans for every patient. If you’re looking for a TMJ specialist in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL, or if you are seeking relief from TMJ symptoms, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our local dentist to learn more about available treatment options in your area.

You don’t need to live with the pain and discomfort of teeth grinding, clenching, and tension. Treatments can alleviate discomfort and help you enjoy a happier, more productive life. Call us now! You can reach us at: 773-570-2190.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Botox for TMJ last?

The results from each treatment typically last for about three months but could be a little longer. It depends on how quickly your body breaks down the compounds in the injections.

What happens during a TMJ treatment session?

If you have an appointment for Botox for TMJ, we first apply a topical numbing product on the injection sites. Then, Botox is injected into the target areas, including the upper and lower jaw muscles.

Is it necessary to wear a night guard for TMJ symptoms?

One issue with untreated TMJ is that the clenching and grinding can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth. Wearing a night guard helps to minimize this damage. A bite guard for TMJ, also known as a TMJ mouth guard, is a dental appliance used to alleviate symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder. It helps reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching, which are common causes of TMJ pain and discomfort. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with tmj doctor in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL call us now!

Is there a cure for TMJ disorders?

Dental experts are still trying to find a cure for TMJ/TMD disorders. The good news is that treatments can help to alleviate symptoms so you can live without the discomfort of TMJ symptoms.