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Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafts in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL

The appearance of your teeth can be an indicator of your overall oral health. But sometimes, there are issues beneath the gums that could be causing underlying problems. If you have tooth infections, gum infections, or other issues, it could be wearing down the jaw bone and resulting in a deterioration of the foundation holding your teeth in place.

The good news is that various dental treatments are available to protect your smile and eliminate infections. At Sauganash Smiles, we offer tooth removal on an as-needed basis and bone grafts to strengthen the deteriorating jawbone before the placement of a restoration (such as a dental implant).

If you’re in need of dental extractions in Sauganash, Edgebrook, Forest Glen, Chicago, IL, Sauganash Smiles offers comprehensive services for the entire family. Whether it’s a molar extraction, molar removal, or emergency tooth extraction, our nearby dental office can provide the necessary treatment. Additionally, if you require a bone graft after a molar extraction, you can find a bone graft dentist or dental bone graft specialist at our office.

For more information about these treatments, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our team will evaluate your unique needs and offer recommendations to improve oral health.

When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Near you at Sauganash Smiles, our goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth whenever possible. But there are times when tooth extraction is necessary because of a severe infection or to make space for orthodontics or restorative dentistry.

If you need tooth extractions, we are proactive about ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure.

Not only do we offer dental extractions, but we can also assist with a variety of cosmetic treatments to restore your smile after the tooth has been removed.

Bone Grafting: What You Need to Know

After tooth extraction, it’s common for bone loss to occur. There is no longer a tooth root in that area of the jawbone, which can lead to a deterioration of the bone. If you decide to invest in a dental implant later, placing the implant can be challenging if there isn’t a strong enough bone to hold the post.

In this situation, a dental bone graft might be a good solution. We can place bone material in the deteriorated section. Then, the graft will start assimilating over time to strengthen that area.

The result is a dental implant that can be held in the jawbone securely.

Customized Dental Treatment Plan

Do you need tooth removal and/or bone grafting? Talk to us at Sauganash Smiles to learn more about available treatments in your area. We offer full-service solutions to protect your smile and ensure the long-term results that you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation. You can reach us at: 773-570-2190.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is tooth extraction recommended?

Here are examples of the most common times when tooth extraction is necessary: overcrowding, impacted wisdom teeth, dental decay deep within the root of the tooth, severe damage to the tooth, and gum disease.

How long is recovery after tooth extraction?

Most people need around 2 weeks to recover after tooth removal. Follow the dentist’s recommendations for dietary guidelines, cleaning, and saltwater rinses to speed up the healing process.

What is a bone graft?

This procedure involves placing bone partials in the area that needs improved density. The body dissolves the partials, and they are integrated into the natural bone.

Do all dental implants require bone grafting?

No, it’s not necessary to combine bone grafting for every dental implant procedure. Your dentist will help you determine whether this treatment is necessary.